Virginia bluebells blooms in blue and purple in front of green leaves


Amateur photographers are welcome to take photos. We do, however, have some restrictions and guidelines for professionals wishing to use Stoneleigh for paid photoshoots.

for the pros

Professionals wishing to use Stoneleigh for paid photo shoots may join the Natural Lands Featured Photography program. This program gives participants a photography permit to shoot at featured Natural Lands preserves and Stoneleigh. See the Natural Lands website for details about this program and how to sign up.

day rate

Photographers who wish to take posed photos at Stoneleigh without joining our Featured Photographer Program may do so at a day rate of $100, paid at entry to the garden. Advanced payment is not accepted. Posed Photography includes any professional engagement, wedding, family, graduation, prom, or any posed photography. These fees help support the work we do to care for nature at Stoneleigh.

Photography sessions with 12 or more people must provide advance notice of their arrival. Please write to us via our contact form. Advance notice does not guarantee parking availability.

Featured Photographers have a permit to shoot at the garden during open hours as part of participation in the program and do not have to pay the day rate. Photographers who expect to have 10 or more photoshoots with clients at Stoneleigh are encouraged to join the Featured Photography program.

drone photography is not permitted at Stoneleigh.